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Panel; The panel is the main, rectangular part of the shutter, hinged so it can open. Normally panels contain moveable slats, but on solid shutters, the panels are completely wooden.

Frame; Your shutter panels are mounted inside a shutter frame. The frame is mounted onto the window (or inside the window recess), creating a perfectly squared shape for the shutter panels to be mounted into.

Top rail; A top rail finishes off the top end of the shutter.

Bottom rail; A bottom rail finishes off the bottom end of the shutter.

Mid rail; Mid rails run horizontally between the top and bottom rails and add extra strength to your shutters. They also let you control the top and bottom slats separately.

Slats (also called blades and louvres); Slats are the horizontal pieces which tilt and rotate around 340° to let in light and give a better view outside. They come in four different sizes:

  • 47mm – our smallest slat, generally only recommended for very small windows. You can fit more of these slats into one panel, but that will mean less light in and a restricted view out.
  • 64mm – our best selling slats and a brilliant all-rounder. You can see out clearly when they’re open, they let a lot of light in and they fit most windows including French doors.
  • 89mm – our second best selling size, these are growing in popularity. They add a more contemporary touch and allow a lot of light into the room too.
  • 114mm – these slats look great on large windows and make a bold statement, especially when their size is in proportion to the room and the height of the window.

Stiles; Stiles are the vertical rails at either side of the panel.

Regular Push Rod; The regular push rod is a thin, vertical wooden bar connected to the front of slats. You use it to open and close them.

Hidden Push Rods; A Hidden Push Rod (also called an open sky) is a more contemporary option. A thin, metal mechanism is hidden at the back of the panel connecting all the slats together, so when you move one panel with your finger, the rest will move too.

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